5 Pets Thanksgiving Safety Tips

The year is coming to an end! Although it may be hard to believe, we are already counting down and Thanksgiving 2022 is approaching.

These types of celebrations demand a lot of preparation time, organization, and things to consider, from dinner to guests.

That’s why we wanted to write this post today to tell you the 5 safety tips for pets on Thanksgiving.

Reading this post will help ensure your furry friend is safe and everything goes as planned.

Read on and discover the tips.

pets thanksgiving safety tips

#1 Don’t give your pet human food or leftovers

Yes, I know, your furry best friend, especially, if it’s a dog, loves to eat leftover meat and you can’t say no to those eyes when they look at you so tenderly.

However, since you want the best for him, you will have to refrain from giving him certain treats this Thanksgiving.

Imagine if the greasy holiday food is hard for you to digest, how will it be for your pet?

Plus, many of the foods on the typical Thanksgiving menu have ingredients that are toxic to pets, such as dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, onions, mushrooms, and alcohol.

#2 Don’t feed turkey bones

Both cooked and raw bones can cause several complicated health issues for your pets.

Once your friend ingests these bones, the fragments and splinters can break off and get caught in your pet’s throat or esophagus which can cause them to choke.

Did you see that? So, try to avoid giving turkey bones to your pets.

 pets thanksgiving safety tips

#3 Beware of other pet visitors

Since your home is pet friendly, many of your guests will want to bring their little friends but try to make sure that those they bring are, first and foremost, pets that your dog or cat already knows.

Try to have the dogs and cats in different places, as well as the male and female dogs because the homeowner will want to protect his land and even more so if food is involved.

So, so that nothing interrupts the toast, make sure that each pet has its place.


#4 Make sure your pets have their identification tags up to date

The doorbell rings, guests arrive, you open the door, and your dog or cat runs away. No collar? Well, you’ll spend the whole Thanksgiving dinner looking for it all over the neighborhood.

To prevent this from happening, you can place protection around the doors and put the collar on your pet with all your data on it. This way, the neighbor who finds him will be able to warn you.


#5 Prepare your guests and your pet

Thanksgiving dinner is like having a lot of people over, right?

And of those people you receive, how many know your dog or cat? That’s why you should establish certain rules so that neither the guests nor your pet has a bad time during the evening, especially if your friend is not used to seeing so many people at home, so much commotion and noise.

Talk to the guests about how they should act with your pet and don’t leave it alone with a group of children.

pets thanksgiving safety tips


Now you know what it takes to have a safe Thanksgiving with your pet – everything will be great!

So that everything goes as you wish, apart from these 5 pets’ thanksgiving safety tips, we have found this Guide to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022 and the Macys Parade in New York, it is in Spanish, but it is worth translating it and reading because it is very complete.

Share this post with those people you know who have a pet so they can enjoy a spectacular day without mishaps.

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