Signs of Fleas on Dogs – How do I Know if My Dog Has Fleas – Complete Guide

signs of fleas on dogs

My dog has fleas I’ve tried everything! What to do? Complete guide Questions like: How do I know if my dog has fleas? Why does my dog has fleas? Or how to get fleas off my dog immediately? are very common in veterinarians’ offices.  The first thing you must know is that flea bites cause … Read more

Recognize And Reduce Stress In The Dog

Recognize And Reduce Stress In The Dog

Stress often manifests itself in dogs as loud barking, restless groping, increased salivation or aggressive behavior. Find out which triggers lead to stress and how you can help your dog to reduce stress here. WHAT IS STRESS IN DOGS? First of all, stress is a natural reaction of the body to emotional or physical stress. The body … Read more

Interpreting the dog’s body language

Understanding dogs’ body language is essential to avoid conflict with them and to act appropriately based on their feelings. Fearful, excited, vigilant, dejected, ready to defend … we must never forget that dogs are complex beings, who are able to experience many different emotions, and above all to convey this consciously and unconsciously. In this … Read more

Tips on Taking Care of a Neutered Dog

Tips on taking care of a neutered dog

Tips on taking care of a neutered dog. Like all surgery, some care is needed after it is performed. The most common is that after 24 or 36 hours, the dog is fully recovered from anesthesia. Then, about 10 days after the operation, you should be recovered.  Of course, during those days they should be … Read more