Lyme Disease in Puppies: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Prevention Strategies

lyme disease in puppies dogs

As warmer months are near, we all love spending more time outdoors with our beautiful pups. But something to be on the lookout for is Lyme disease in our puppies. Ticks that carry the harmful disease not only can hurt our furry friends, but Lyme Disease is also a threat to humans. Being able to … Read more

Signs of Fleas on Dogs – How do I Know if My Dog Has Fleas – Complete Guide

signs of fleas on dogs

My dog has fleas I’ve tried everything! What to do? Complete guide Questions like: How do I know if my dog has fleas? Why does my dog has fleas? Or how to get fleas off my dog immediately? are very common in veterinarians’ offices.  The first thing you must know is that flea bites cause … Read more

Do zodiac signs apply to pets? – Discover your pet’s personality according to its Zodiac sign

Discover your pet's personality according to its Zodiac sign

Have you ever wondered if can pets have zodiac signs or if zodiac signs apply to pets? The answer is yes. Like people, your pet also has a zodiac sign that characterizes it. In today’s post, we will help you discover what your pet’s personality is according to its zodiac sign. What is astrology? Astrology … Read more

5 tips to understand cat body language and behavior

5 tips to understand cat body language and behavior

Understanding cats’ body language is essential to avoid conflict with them and to act appropriately based on their feelings. The same happens with dogs and there is an article we have published previously where we explain how to interpret the language of dogs. In this post, we are going to give 5 tips to understand … Read more