Can a dog drink milk?


When your dog drinks milk, it is often accompanied by a lot of enthusiasm. Not only do puppies fight over their mother’s nipple, adult dogs also love a bowl of milk. But can an adult dog drink milk? Is this dangerous? Milk for puppies If you let a dog drink milk, he often thinks this … Read more

Puppy Food Recipe For Dogs With Ear Infection


Unfortunately, ear infections are not rare in dogs. Usually the disease is accompanied by a lot of pain for the animal; for that reason alone you must treat it seriously. In this article we will discuss the different causes of ear infections in dogs and explain which symptoms can occur. In addition, you will learn everything important for … Read more

Can a dog eat raw meat?


Feeding raw meat to dogs has become increasingly popular in recent years. This would support your four-legged friend’s natural needs. But where there are proponents, there are also opponents. Therefore, this article will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of a raw meat diet. Is it really as dangerous as some vets claim? Does our dog’s gastrointestinal system benefit from … Read more