How Much Does A Black Labrador Cost – The truth about the costs !

How much does a black lab cost?. Buying a purebred dog is never cheap, and if it is, you may wonder if something is wrong. However, every dog ​​and puppy, including in the case of a labrador, has a different price. Moreover, the price says little to nothing about how good the sale you make.

The price for a Labrador puppy with pedigree may vary based on a few factors. The origin, health and quality of the parents, as well as the reputation of the breeder can all influence the price.

If the puppy is from a highly regarded line of Labrador champions, it can cost you anywhere from $1700 – $2500 depending on a breeder.

If, on the other hand, the puppy comes from a less reputable line, the price will vary from $1200 to $1600.

The final price for a Labrador puppy with a pedigree can vary a lot and depends largely on the breeder.

A more expensive dog is not necessarily a better specimen. Why are some prices used to help you stop in the right direction?.

Cheaply offered? Always ask questions


A very inexpensive offered pedigree is, however, need to set a situation where you have additional questions.

A labrador puppy that is offered for a few hundred dollars is not a good sign and must ensure that you are critical. Certain matters, such as a pedigree, may not have been investigated or the parents have not been examined for hereditary defects.

A purebred dog is worth an investment and also prevents annoying long-term results, both for yourself and your dog.

What do you pay attention to when buying a labrador puppy?

You want to avoid purchasing a labrador puppy that has not been bred by a licensed breeder. In almost all cases, a good breeder will be affiliated with an association, about which information can be obtained by interested parties. An association will always be able to confirm whether a breeder is indeed affiliated and can provide more information.

When purchasing or considering a labrador puppy, it is therefore essential that you get clarity about this.

Ask a breeder about this and consult the relevant association.

The dangers of an unauthorized breeder

What are the dangers if you get a labrador puppy from a breeder that is not recognized? The parents may not have been examined, so you don’t have any clarity about any health risks a puppy may have.

In addition, it is possible to work with unrecognized or outdated health results or to have bred parent dogs that have actual health problems. Hip or elbow dysplasia or eye abnormalities are common consequences in the case of lab radars.

The litter says something about the health of a puppy.

It is also essential when you are considering a labrador puppy, to look at the litter in which the dog is located. What do the mother and the (other) puppies look like? Are they in good condition and vivid? H ebony they just suffer from eye, ear or over- or underweight? What mother, brothers and sisters look like can say something about the health of the puppy that you have in mind.

Always ask for vaccinations and deworming treatments; have the puppies had these, or are they still getting them?

Does the litter also look clean, and does the mother have room to leave if she wants to? These are all critical factors.

What does a labrador puppy with pedigree cost?

A pedigree is no guarantee healthy puppies; it just says that the puppy in question descended from animals which on paper are.

The advantage of this, however, is that the parent animals are known, and with that, it may be possible to find out something about the physical health of the father and mother. This provides valuable information about the health of the puppy itself and is therefore recommended.

However, a pedigree is no guarantee. Even if the parents are healthy, it is possible that a labrador puppy is not.

A breeder provides a pedigree as standard.

Because it is advisable to purchase a puppy only through a recognized breeder, the same amount mentioned above applies. A breeder automatically provides a pedigree.


To go for the best puppy it is therefore not recommended to work outside a breeder and to choose cheaper dog .

With this you may get problems on the neck that only manifest themselves later, in the form of health problems.

Where do you buy a Labrador puppy?

A labrador puppy you buy so from a reputable breeder. You want your puppy in the best possible condition wrong and most likely has a good and healthy life.


How a breeder handles his or her animals is of great importance. Make sure that a breeder is affiliated with an association and check this out.

Never buy a labrador puppy via Marktplaats or any other website and never go for the lowest purchase amount. You have too little certainty and may cut yourself in the fingers with this.

What do you need for a labrador puppy?

A number of things are essential to get your Labrador puppy used to the new home and family. For example, a crate can feel annoying, but it gives your puppy exactly the rest it needs when it threatens to cross its own boundaries.

A crate gives a puppy the demarcation it cannot provide itself and helps raise your labrador.

Chew material that is tailored to your pup’s size

K Nagen can also overcome by providing your puppy from chewing enough material.

Make sure that this is sufficiently adapted to the size of your labrador.

Too big is no fun for your dog and too small it has no message.


As long as your puppy always has something to chew, it will be less likely to bite furniture or cables.

What can you think about in terms of chewing material? Bovine and pig ears, dried fish, chewing rings and buffalo skin, to name just a few examples.

In addition to chewing material, toys are a must for every dog and owner. Labradors like to play with rope. Be aware that this is made of cotton so that it digests when your dog accidentally gets it inside.

The correct collar and leash are significant.

Needless to say, but still good to name, are the right collar and leash.

As long as a puppy is growing, it is not necessary to purchase a definitive collar, but the right material is essential.

A nylon collar with padding and a nylon leash is recommended for growing dogs.

The dog leash below is of good quality and comes with a handy poo bag.

Today, more and more ‘jackets’ used for dogs. This will, when corrected, pull the entire body of a dog and not just the neck. Never use a strangulation belt or slip chain.

Not only can this type of leash and damage your dog’s coat, but misuse can negatively affect education.

The right handles for choosing the right puppy.

You should not buy a labrador puppy within a minute, that is clear. There are plenty of things to consider.

With the above information at hand, you have enough background knowledge to make an informed choice and ask the right questions.

When you put some energy into it, it will always benefit your puppy and its growth.

It is worth not making a hasty choice and diving into it for a period of time. The right labrador puppy will automatically come your way.