How Do I Sedate My Dog To Cut His Nails


How do i sedate my dog to cut his nails?. What can i give my dog to calm him down to cut his nails?. If your dog does not let you cut his nails because he is afraid, the first thing you have to know is that it is a very normal reaction. Many dogs … Read more

Non Prescription Dog Food For Urinary Health


Non prescription dog food for urinary health. The foods that we will include in the homemade diet for dogs with renal insufficiency must be carefully selected; in addition, they must adapt to the individual, in particular, taking into account their state of health, age, weight, or level of physical activity among others. Not paying attention to … Read more

If a dog bites someone will it be put down?

If a dog bites someone will it be put down?. One of the great fears of dog owners, especially those enrolled in the registry of potentially aggressive or dangerous dogs, is that the animal can bite someone. According to legend, if a dog bites a person, they will sacrifice it; But sacrifice is the last resort in case the dog bites someone. … Read more

How to get a dog to take a pill when he won’t eat?

How to get a dog to take a pill when he won’t eat?. This is when things get tricky. Your dog is sick, has lost his appetite, but he must have his pill since his medication should help him improve so that his taste returns. Or your dog has allergies and follows a strict diet … Read more

Can I Use Hydrocortisone Cream on My Dog?

Can I use hydrocortisone cream on my dog?. The administration of corticosteroid drugs in dogs is recommended for various chronic diseases and certain metabolic deficiencies. However, its healing efficiency is the subject of many controversies because of its side effects on the body. Next, we will see more about corticosteroid medications, their risks, and the health … Read more

My Dog Ate Grapes But Seems Fine

My dog ate grapes but seems fine Dogs like us love to eat fruit since they are delicious and also very moisturizing; they contain vitamins, minerals and toxins. Yes, you read that right, they contain toxins that are generally harmless to humans but not to dogs. Grapes are toxic food for dogs; this means that … Read more

When To Euthanize A Dog With Hemangiosarcoma?


When to euthanize a dog with hemangiosarcoma?. Hemangiosarcoma in dogs is a highly malignant tumor derived from endothelial cell lines – cells that line the inside of blood vessels. It is characterized by the rapid and aggressive development of metastases. It is more common to see it in older animals, although, occasionally, there are cases of puppies. The average … Read more

When To Put A Dog Down With Cushing’s Disease?


How do you know when to put your dog down with cushings disease?. When a dog begins to drink more water than usual and also needs to urinate more frequently, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Although excessive thirst and peeing in abundance are symptoms of other diseases, from diabetes to a kidney problem, they can also be alert … Read more

What Does It Mean When A Dog Sits On Your Feet?

Why does my dog sit on my foot?. There are certain behaviors that on many occasions we normalize them since our dog does it from a very young age, but have you ever wondered why they sit on their feet? Although this behavior is quite common, I just remember being asked once or twice, as … Read more