How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog

How to persuade your parents to get a dog. If you absolutely want to have a dog, you must first convince your parents. After all, they are always against animals in the house. And they are annoyed at the constant nagging of the children that they need a dog. It is essential to act differently here.

  1. Show that you are responsible.

Yes, yes, that shouldn’t be said. To do this, start with other things. If mom asks to wash the dishes, go, and wash. If my father asks for help repairing the car, go, and help. The same applies to other household chores..

  1. Explain why you need a dog

If your parents ask why you want a dog, try to prepare an answer in advance. You can say that you’re sadly coming to an empty house from school, that you don’t want to watch TV as much, or that you don’t have anyone to walk around the park with or just want to spend more time outdoors. 

  1. Show how serious your intentions are.

When you ask your parents to bring a dog, it is essential to demonstrate that you are serious about this endeavor. First, you need to be able to read in advance on the Internet or in books about the breed you want to purchase and find that it is suitable for all of you in temperament. If you can convince your parents that you understand what you are doing, you may be given a puppy for your birthday.

A pet is expensive.

If you ask your parents to buy you an expensive puppy or kitten and say they lack money, maybe you should try buying someone cheaper or even getting it for free at a shelter or friends? After all, friends, as they say, cannot be bought. And even the purest purebred puppy or purebred kitten can be stupid than any dog.

If parents believe that a pet is a waste of money, it is worth making several arguments for the animal. For example:

  • I want to do sports, but getting bored and walking with a dog in the morning is the best.
  • A small dog is a necessary accessory. Nowadays, it is a shame to perform in a decent society without it.
  • Walking through the streets in the evening is scary. There are many drunken idiots in the area. And the dog will protect me.
  • The cat helps to relax, and its purr calms down.
  • The cat looks very pleasant on the couch.
  • We saw a mouse in the entrance yesterday. We need a cat.
  • I have few friends and not enough communication, what an animal would be nearby.

Remember. A well-considered argument already makes up two-thirds of the success.

  1. Ask, beg, and shed tears.

This is the last tool you can use if you really want something. It can only be used in cases where nothing else helps. Fall on your knees, put your hands together, and start crying plaintively. Parents love you very much, and they can regret you and make concessions. Especially if you ask a small dog, not a big one.

Lack of discipline and responsibility.

Many parents believe that their child is not yet mature enough to buy a pet. They think that after two or three days of playing enough with your beloved pet, you will lose responsibility for caring for and raising a pet on their shoulders. And they, in addition to work, at home, in the cottages and indeed you, have to put several tasks on themselves.

  • Walk the dog three times a day in any weather and wake up at 6 a.m. every day, even on weekends.
  • Otherwise, the whole apartment stinks to clean the tray behind the cat.
  • Comb out the coat.
  • To wash.
  • Cook.

When you are ready to do this, try to prove to your parents that you are mature. Arrange to take out the trash every day, do the dishes, do laundry, wash the floor, etc. Remove some of the concerns from them. After a month or two of your efforts, they will definitely change their minds if they find out that you are ready to take care of a dog or cat for an average of 10-15 years.

  1. The second dog

Above you will find tips for children who do not yet have a dog. But some already have a dog but want one more. And the parents don’t seem to mind. If you are one of them, you must convince your mother and father that your dog needs a girlfriend and an assistant, that she is sad to be home alone when everyone has gone to school, and work is. If you already can groom a dog, dealing with two dogs is easier. 

That is all and explain it to the parents. However, if you behaved irresponsibly towards the first dog and forgot to walk with it, it is almost pointless to ask the second dog.

But all cannot be used too often. If you ask your parents about a dog every day after they come home from work, they will get angry sooner or later. Choose a time when you are in the most relaxed and complacent state. Be polite and reserved, don’t throw tantrums and don’t be rude. Sooner or later, your parents will probably give up and buy you a puppy.

Allergy to animals.

Parents don’t seem to mind having a pet, but some are allergic to animals, their hair, or the smell they exude.

There are a few options.

  • Or someone has to drink pills every day so you can quickly ruin your health.
  • Get into the habit of suffering scary for a long time.
  • If you are lucky and allergic to a particular animal, you can choose another animal. For example, a dog instead of a cat and vice versa.

They don’t joke with allergies, it can even lead to death. What you definitely don’t need.

Fear of the animal.

Many are afraid of dogs, rats, snakes, frogs, etc. on their own. Or they are so scared of the manifestation of the animal’s aggression towards their child, that is, you. Maybe they were bitten in childhood or saw just enough TV. Unimportant.

In this case, there are several ways to convince parents:

  • Explain that you have to overcome your fear by buying a pet
  • Prove that the dog breed you want is not aggressive by providing expert opinions.
  • By demonstrating with examples that a trained dog is more of a friend than an enemy.

As a result, it turns out that in almost every case, it is possible to persuade parents to buy a pet. The main thing is to find the right approach. In extreme cases, you can simply take it home with you as your parents. Few dare to throw a funny ball of wool. The main thing is that you really want that and recognize the seriousness of such a step.

Nature of the problem

According to psychologists, the behavior of such a child is based on the desire to take care of someone or the lack of attention from their parents. They often try to ask their parents about families where there is only one baby to have a pet. When there are several of them, they communicate with each other and satisfy their need for attention.

Therefore, parents with children often face the dilemma of having a pet or spending more time with their child. At the same time, fathers and mothers should not hope that a young family member’s desire for a little friend will disappear. On the contrary, such a need will only increase.

Proof of willingness to care for the animal

So how can you convince parents to have a dog, cat, or other pet? Children most often pretend to be a dog. Under these circumstances, the child will have to make great efforts to convince the parents and ask the puppy from them. And the first rule to convince the dad of mom is to demonstrate his willingness to have a pet in the house. Convince households of their reliability. The child has to prove that you can rely on him. And it is recommended to do this as follows:

  1. Take some household tasks. This is one way to convince parents to have a dog. It is necessary to clean up the apartment. And you can do this from your room. Don’t forget the other places in the house, such as the kitchen and the master bedroom. Do not throw away parents’ things and make a decision independently. Such amateur performances will not do well. Then we convince the father, mother, and other family members who live in this house that the pet’s appearance does not entail any additional duties for them as the child takes care of him and helps with cleaning.
  2. Make dinner. If the child is old enough and knows how to use a gas or electric stove, you can also convince the mother to have a dog by preparing dinner and tea to return home after a day’s work. And then it should be explained that if you have a dog, you can cook something for your four-legged friend.
  3. Good academic performance. Parents very often love to motivate and reward children for high academic performance. Of course, this method requires a lot more effort. But maybe this factor forces parents to rethink their decision.
  4. The answer to how to convince the grandmother to have a dog can be as follows. You need to start showing your care with houseplants. Pour them, and don’t let them dry in the sun. The proof of ability can be provided for an aquarium fish or a hamster. After that, parents and grandmother will surely agree to the appearance of a four-legged friend in the house.

Reasons for rejection

Circumstances may have turned out to be such that the children put a lot of effort into persuading father and mother to buy a puppy. Still, in the end, the parents’ answer was negative. Don’t be moody in such a situation. It is better to show your maturity and understand what motivates the rejection. And the reasons for this can be:

  • Small living area. Very often, the reason for rejecting the idea of ​​having a dog is the small space in the apartment. If the child’s desire still doesn’t stop, you can try offering parents an alternative to buying a little puppy. There are dog breeds that fit well in a small box. In general, ask your father and mother to buy a tiny dog.
  • A more serious reason to give up the idea of ​​the four-legged pet plant is an allergic reaction. But even in such a situation, there are alternative solutions to the problem. If any of the family members are allergic to the dog’s fur, you can buy a short-haired or bald breed.
  • Lack of funds. Having four-legged friends at home is not exactly a cheap pleasure. First of all, you have to pay for the purchase of the animal. After that, the costs for vaccinations, appointments with the vet, food, toys, etc. are incurred. Therefore, you can offer the parents to cover part of the cost of maintaining the animal. To do this, you need to start saving money, for example, money for pocket expenses. However, the best option would be part-time employment, such as garbage collection from neighbors when they shop in the store. There are many ways to earn extra money (at least on vacation, especially in summer).
  • Many parents are individuals. After a while, their child’s interest in the pet disappears, and care must continue to be taken. And so they are afraid that they will have to deal with a puppy. If the child has finally decided to have a dog, it must show its parents their independence and willingness to always remember them.

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