10 Natural Solutions for Stinky Dog Breath

Dog bad breath home remedy. The accumulation of bacterial plaque, which can lead to infection, and tartar as a result of poor cleaning or brushing of your teeth. dog it can cause bad breath. 

To eradicate that fetid or fishy smell from your pet’s mouth, it is vital to go to a veterinarian to diagnose the cause (which can be stomachic) ​​and provide treatment, but you can also resort to home remedies to combat halitosis in animals.

1. Correct feeding

The key so that you do not have a bad smell in this area of ​​your body is in the diet. For example, canned or bagged moist or semi-moist food tends to get very easily between the teeth and build up.

It is best to combine dry food or feed and wet. Biting the balls or croquettes produces a cleaning effect on the teeth and thus improves oral health.

2. Fresh and mineral water

In many homes tap water is used to fill the bowl from which the dog drinks; however, specialists advise that it be bottled, as this way it will be free of chlorine or lime. This will also benefit the digestive system and kidneys.

3. Coconut oil

home remedy that can be applied to take care of the oral health of the dog It is by using this natural product that it is considered a powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and regenerative.

From a HOWTO explain It is necessary to include 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 2 or 3 days a week in your pet’s food. This will help improve your breath. Another option is to apply it to the toothbrush with which you usually clean his mouth, replacing the toothpaste for dogs.

4. Parsley

Parsley has great effects against bad breath, as it is refreshing, a powerful cleanser and good for calming digestive problems. From ‘Animal Expert’ advise cut a few pieces and mix them with the dog’s usual food. In case you do not want to eat it, you can boil a handful of parsley in hot water and prepare an infusion. With it, make an aerosol to spray the dog’s mouth after brushing or give it to drink.

5. Apple cider vinegar

This product has a neutralizing effect against bad odor and you can include a few drops in your food or drink every day. It is important to start small to get used to it.

6. Vegetables

These foods are great allies for a healthy mouth, so you can give him small pieces of fruits and vegetables to eat. Among the most used are carrot, celery, apple, tangerine, orange, watermelon and melon.

7. Cleaning toys

Veterinarians also advise the use of dog toys that will help care for the teeth and mouth. For example rope toys, cloth or special bones for cleaning. You can also use a children’s toothbrush, that way you can put the material in the mouth without too much difficulty.

What causes bad breath in dogs?

In both dogs and humans food debris can accumulate between the teeth, this is usually the main reason why our pets have bad breath, since the accumulation of food causes bacteria to be generated and with them comes tartar, bad breath and the beginning of dental disease. 

Diseases that cause bad breath in dogs

Among all the problems that can cause halitosis in our dog, these are the main diseases that can cause it:

  1. Gingivitis: the accumulation of tartar causes inflammation of the gums, it also changes the smell of your dog’s breath, it becomes stronger and a little unpleasant.
  2. Foreign bodies: there may be a piece of stick between the teeth or remains of food, and after 24 hours they begin to give off a rotten smell.
  3. Parasitosis: In puppies nematode infestations, commonly known as roundworms, produce a change in the smell of the breath that resembles garlic.
  4. Tumors in the oral cavity.
  5. Diabetes mellitus: it changes the smell of your dog’s breath, it becomes fruity or even the smell of acetone. 

If your pet has any of these diseases, it is your veterinarian who should guide a specific treatment for the disease and will tell you if you can use home remedies for bad breath in dogs or if you should use specific veterinary treatments. 

Home remedies for bad breath in dogs

If your dog’s breath smells bad, go to your veterinarian to ensure that he does not have any serious disease that is causing it, if so, you can help him have good breath again with some of the home remedies for bad breath in dogs that we will tell you below.

1. Good nutrition

How you feed your dog companion is very important. The food must be of quality, if it is dry feed it will leave less remains between the teeth of your dog companion. If you give him fresh food or canned meat, take care that there are no interdental remains.
Give it fresh water daily and if it can be bottled, since it also influences the smell of your dog’s breath. Poor or tap water can carry bacteria with it and promote bad breath in your dog.

2. Natural supplements

  • The parsley is a good remedy for bad breath in dogs, you have several ways to make him eat. On the one hand you can chop it up and add it to your normal diet. If this does not convince them, you can make an infusion with the parsley and try to drink it.
  • Careful! It is contraindicated in pregnant bitches , since in large quantities it is abortifacient.
  • The cinnamon sprinkled on your dog’s food is another option, as this is antibacterial, antioxidant and anti – inflammatory.
  • Coconut oil : a teaspoon in 3-4 of your little one’s weekly meals will help stabilize his metabolism and boost his immune system.  
  • A few drops of  apple cider vinegar in water or food will help fight the bad smell in your dog’s mouth.

3. Natural awards

  • The apple is a great nutritional contribution, in addition to preventing the accumulation of tartar and fighting against bacterial plaque.
  • The carrot , serves as a toy, is very rich and being hard helps to clean the teeth when biting it. 
  • The celery is the third / home remedy for bad breath in dogs award is hard, with a special flavor and a large vitamin content for our dog system. 

4. Chew toys

There are toys designed to clean your dog’s teeth, which have different textures, are hard and are prepared to be bitten and at the same time clean your partner’s teeth. On the other hand, there are also rope teethers that fray when passing between the teeth dragging food debris or helping to remove tartar plaques. 

5. Hygiene

It is very important to keep your dog’s trough and trough clean , bacteria accumulate in them that go directly to his mouth and settle on his teeth, favoring their proliferation and the appearance of tartar.

Also try to clean your dog’s teeth regularly, there are different toothbrushes designed for this, in the shape of a thimble, elongated with the bristles in a specific position or more classic.

With these home remedies for bad breath in dogs we can combat and / or prevent their bad breath. 

Remember to visit your vet regularly to ensure that his mouth is healthy and that the vet gives you the go-ahead to start using these home remedies for bad breath in dogs.

What toys are good to prevent bad breath from our dog?

The best toys to combat bad breath in your dog are those made with natural rubber or nylon materials . These massage the dog’s gums and clean his teeth thanks to their good consistency.

Toys can also be used for play and stress relief,  and will also help keep bad breath at bay . Many of these toys also  serve as a kind of toothbrush  that removes food debris from your mouth and cleanses plaque.

There are  specific toys for dogs  that have been designed so that your dog can entertain and have fun safely, so it is  recommended that they be included in their habits from a young age, such  as:

  • Wind-up toys
  • Cloth toys
  • Kong type rubber toys 
  • Special bones for cleaning the mouth
  • Balls

With these toys you will not only  help your dog fight tartar and bad breath , but you will also  prevent him from chewing on other things around the house, such  as shoes or furniture.

toys are good to prevent bad breath from our dog


  • The bad breath or canine halitosis is a common problem in dogs of all ages. 
  • There are multiple causes for this condition, which can be from poor oral hygiene, to eating problems or diseases whose symptom is bad breath.
  • Small breeds and elderly dogs are more prone to developing halitosis.
  • To solve your dog’s bad breath , you can start by identifying the reason why it has appeared. Depending on the cause, the solutions vary from reinforcing good oral hygiene , to changing your dog’s food to quality food , either with fresh ingredients or pre-manufactured in the form of feed.
  • There are many natural ingredients that will help you eliminate bad breath from your dog. The problem lies in the taste of your pet. Some items such as apple cider vinegar or parsley are not very pleasant for dogs. Do not give up and look for the one that best suits your pet’s tastes, and that, at the same time, fulfill its function of canine toothpaste.
  • Finally, you can buy special chew toys, which are ideal to help your dog maintain good oral hygiene, and, consequently, to keep halitosis at bay.

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