How do you prevent my dog ​​from doing his big business around the house?

When a dog is doing its business in our living room, we don’t know how to react to stop this annoying habit. Many people still believe that punishment is the answer, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Today we will explain to you with the help of a few tips, whe can prevent the dog from doing its big business at home, although these tips really work in most cases.

There are many possible explanations, and in each case we could look for the specific reason. Depending on whether it is an illness or a specific behavioral problem, our vet or trusted dog trainer could help us find the cause, but in the meantime we want to resolve this coexistence problem quickly and effectively. First, ask yourself the following question:

How old is the dog?

If your dog is a puppy, there is no need to alarm yourself and think, “Oh no, my dog ​​is doing his big business at home, I’m ruined!” This type of behavior is common and normal when the dog is less than 6 years old Months old. It is part of a learning process that the animal has to go through.

In any case, it is helpful to know our tips on this topic, because we want you and your dog live in harmony.

Don’t punish your dog

Training is a discipline with many different tendencies, but the vast majority of studies agree that it is not right to be a dog scold or punish for doing his big business at home. If you’re looking to find out how to keep your dog from doing his big business at home, this is the place to start.

It has been shown that punishment alone is not effective and that it can help with problems of this type only increases the dog’s insecurity and stress.

This is partly because we usually punish the animal if it has already done the business. Our scolding is then useless, because the only thing the dog associates with it is the image of a pile of poop on the floor and our scolding. So if there is a pile of poop on the floor, he knows there is a scolding waiting for him, but he does not conclude that the act of pooping is wrong. And even if the dog were to come to that conclusion, that strategy still wouldn’t work.

Your dog is probably thinking, “How can it be wrong to pursue these evacuation needs?“Emptying your bowels is a liberating reward in itself.

According to the experts, if we punish a dog for doing something, it can learn to do it to do in our absencebecause he connects it with our punishment. That creates a conflict. The animal associates our presence and the act of doing its big business in the living room with punishment (something to avoid), which makes any training even more impossible because you will defecate your dog if you are not in front of him.

If you scold him, so as not to make the problem worse, stop and be patient. I’m sure you want your dog to be happy and so do we.

The routines

Routines are very important to any pet, and walk routines are even more important.

If our dog has a set schedule for daily walks, he can get to know his body and adapt to the rhythm of the walks. If we don’t have a regular routine it will be impossible and it can lead to problems that can become bothersome like … Yes, you guessed it: an adult dogwho is at home for no apparent reason its big business performed.

With young dogs who cannot keep it up for so long, and also with dogs who have incontinence problems, we have to keep in mind that the dog always has to go out about half an hour after each meal, as he then has a very strong urge to do his business perform.

If you have this problem, take your dog for 30 minutes per exit at least 4 times a day. Morning, noon, afternoon and evening.

Take advantage of rewards

Rewards are one of our best ways to show a dog that we liked something they did. Add to this the fact that dogs relate what they are doing to the immediate context (street or apartment), we have a very powerful dual benefit in order to to solve this problem.

From now on, when you walk your dog, be prepared with a bag full of rewards and do the following: If your dog is doing his business on the street, praise Him (wait for him to finish first) and give him a reward. Make sure he understands that his business is fine.

The dog will mentally save this situation by doing business outside of the home and actually want to repeat this more often. He’ll stop thinking it’s rightdoing his big business at home and walking with him four times a day will give him many opportunities to practice and learn that new association.


Now you know what it’s about. We summarize it again for you:

  • Stop punishing your dog for doing his big business around the house: If he does, don’t make him feel guilty by yelling at or punishing him, he will not understand. No matter how much it bothers you, make it clean and be patient with it.
  • Take him for a walk four times a day: Give the dog an opportunity to avoid health problems like urinary incontinence and get rid of bad habits. Remember to spread the walks well over the day.
  • Take advantage of the rewards: They are the basis that enables the combination between praise and success so that the dog does its business where it really should go.

As we told you at the beginning, there are many possible reasons a dog can have this problem. Here are the best general tips we can give you to keep your dog from doing their business around the house.

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