Can dogs and cats be friends?

On many occasions, we have asked ourselves the question of whether cats and dogs can be friends.
We have seen cases in which cats and dogs can live together as friends and others in which they cannot.
What does it depend on if a dog and a cat can be friends?
In today’s post, we will solve this question and give you some tips in case you are thinking about making a dog and a cat become friends.

The language of dogs and cats are different

Dogs don’t hate cats and cats don’t fear dogs, it’s just that their language is different.
Whether a dog and a cat are friends will depend on many factors.
There have been cases in which both species can live together if they have a master who knows how to treat them consistently and understands that the beginning of the relationship is fundamental.
However, we must remember that sometimes coexistence is not possible, and the master’s kindness is not enough for a cat and a dog to be friends.

Can dogs and cats be friends?
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Interpreting the language of dogs and cats

The posture of a dog or a cat, their looks, the sounds they make, and their movements are what will help us to interpret the way they communicate.
We recommend you to read one of our previous articles where you can learn how you can interpret the language of a dog.

In the same way, interpreting the language of a cat is possible if we pay attention to the signals they emit.
Can dogs and cats be friends?

First contact between cats and dogs

When a cat, or any other animal, enters the house with its owner, the animal already living at home will feel fear, jealousy, and confusion.
Therefore, the most logical thing is that he/she will not accept it and will try to show that he/she is more powerful than the newcomer.

How dogs and cats can be friends?

– For example, if it is a cat that comes home, lock the dog in a room where he is comfortable before the cat arrives.
– Immediately after, let the cat loose in the house and let it sniff every nook and cranny. He will pick up the scent of his future friend and will not be surprised to meet him later.
– After an hour, your canine companion will undoubtedly try to sniff the intruder, let him do so, but be alert: if he tries to attack, stop him, gently but firmly.
– If the situation becomes complicated and the dog refuses to accept the cat, you will have no choice but to get a wire run and confine the cat there for about three days so that the dog can gradually get used to your presence.
Felines need to show their affection through physical contact, and, if all goes well, within 30 days the cat will want to rub its body against the dog‘s body.

Dogs will never accept anything they can’t sniff, and it is vitally important that the dog recognizes familiar smells in his friend.

Follow these tips to help your dog and cat become friends

– Speak reassuring words if the animal becomes nervous.
– Separate them at the slightest sign of a fight, without resorting to violence.
– Recognize the rights of the animal already living in the house, without belittling the newcomer.
– Reward with food and petting all attempts at calm and friendly approaches.
– Do not scold either one in front of the other or show preference. Individual rewards should always be made without the other being present.

Help your cat and dog become friends

You should know that dogs and cats are more likely to become friends if they know each other from a young age because they will be able to grow up together and learn from each other.
When they are young, they are open to a friendship because territorial behaviors and traditional fear instincts have not yet had time to manifest themselves.

You need to make the situation as stress-free as possible for both of you.
First, make sure your cat is in a wide area to move around, this will allow him not to be intercepted by the dog.
Second, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercises as a restless, energetic dog could chase and annoy the cat.

Exercise your dog frequently and play a lot with him, especially during the initiation process.
Remember that a friendship between dogs and cats will not happen overnight.
It’s all about making the right first impressions and giving them enough time to adjust.

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