Dogs can help with the grief process

When a person goes through a grieving process, there are many feelings involved that can make them feel lost, lonely, and depressed. Dogs can sense the sadness in their “person” and will try to make their owner feel better by cuddling with them. For this reason, having a pet, especially a dog, can help a person overcome the grief process more quickly.
In today’s post, we will tell you why dogs can help in the grieving process, helping a person to find comfort in the shortest possible time.

Lessons that dogs teach us in a grieving process

Dogs teach us that the cycle of life is very short and that is why we must take advantage of every moment. Dogs live fewer years than we do, making it possible, especially for children, to normalize death and the grieving process.
They also help us to identify emotions and give us unconditional love, they teach us that silence, respect and companionship are necessary to express grief and overcome it quickly.Dogs can help with the grief process

Why can a dog help in the grief process?

There are many ways to interpret the language of dogs. A dog can support a person during the grief process in different ways. Some of the behaviors that a dog manifests as a sign of support can be:

  • – Eye contact that provides love and security.
  • – Physical contact allows us to experience a sense of calm, helping to reduce anxiety during these difficult moments.

When a dog looks at us in the eyes, our body releases oxytocin which is known as the love hormone, which causes feelings of satisfaction, calm, and security.
On the other hand, when a person has the responsibility of taking care of an animal, in this case, a dog, he/she puts the attention outside and occupies the mind in other activities that will allow him/her to feel useful and calm.
It has been shown that a dog’s spontaneity and joy can be very beneficial in a grieving process because it makes a person feel alive and loved.

Dogs can sense when someone is sad

Dogs are very intuitive animals and can sense people’s energies, for example, they can recognize when someone is sad or happy. When a dog senses that someone is sad, it lowers its ears, lies down next to you, and stares at you. If they see a person crying, they slowly approach with their tail tucked in and stay quietly by your side, in silence.

Dogs also suffer when they lose their owner

It is very important to know that not only do people suffer in the mourning process, but dogs also do too. That is why we must be able to provide the dog with the necessary company and attention so that he can feel safe and calm.

How to identify that a dog is sad?

Dogs can help with the grief process
Photo by Bryce Carithers from Pexels

1. It loses its appetite, stops eating.

2. He sleeps excessively more than 12 to 14 hours, which is the normal time a dog should sleep.

3. Loss of interest in his daily routines and his environment.

4. Howls or whines often for no reason.

5. Shuffling movements.

6. Urine leakage and fecal incontinence when sleeping.

7. Compulsive behaviors.

Ideas to take advantage of a dog’s company in a grief process

The company of a dog comforts and makes us feel calm, that is why it is important to take advantage of every moment with our dog if we are going through a grieving process. A wonderful idea to overcome a grief process in the shortest time possible is to go for a walk with our dog, to a camping day. We invite you to read one of our previous articles where we offer you a complete guide so you can enjoy a camping day with your dog.

It is important to remember that grief is a complex emotional state and the disposition that a person must change their state of mind and recover their physical, mental, and emotional health will determine how long this process will take.
The grieving process will be less painful if you have the company of friends, family, and your beloved dog.
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By Mónica Chacín.

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