Guide For Camping With Dog – Tips For A Day Of Camping

Guide for camping with dog – tips for a day of camping. Once the long-awaited holidays or days off approach, our planning begins to make the most of this moment as much as we can. We have already told you other times about different plans and typical options that we can use to enjoy this opportunity with your pet. Cycling or Bikejoringhikingtrips to the beach, the options are endless.

Well, among them we must also include, so that you take it into account, camping with a dog . Nature and the outdoors are two perfect reasons to choose if you still don’t know what it is to go camping with your pet . We know that it may not be a simple plan, but we assure you that it will be a very enjoyable option if we do what we should and organize ourselves as the occasion deserves. We give you all the keys for a perfect camping trip with a dog.

Where you can camp with your dog

The first thing we will ask ourselves if we go camping with our dog is where we can do it. This question is really important considering that we can commit an infraction that carries a financial penalty if we take our pet to a camp that is not authorized for it and their access is not allowed. Make sure to do a complete search of which are the camping places that are available in Spain , which although they have been increasing every year, from now on you must live with the “new normal” of the post-covid era and make sure that the campsite we had planned to go to is accessible.

Check the value for money when choosing the best place to camp with your dog and that covers any type of need, whether you travel with the family as well as the pet, if you do it as a couple or only go in company of your best furry friend. For this and other issues related to the safety of your pet, you already know that you can always count on dog insurance that will keep you protected against unforeseen events that may occur.

Another advantage that you can consider when choosing a place to camp with your dog is if you have the possibility of accessing it by car so that the trip is as simple as possible and you reach the destination without problem. If it is also close to a beach or mountain area, that will allow you to take advantage of the occasion more if possible for greater enjoyment. In fact, you will surely coincide with other dog owners with whom you can socialize if you wish so that the dogs have fun playing together, for which introducing your dog to other dogs will be the first step.

Therefore, we must inform ourselves in advance of all dog friendly campsites that allow access for these pets, always taking into account important factors such as:

  • The area in which it is located : if it is close to the beach or mountains or what its surroundings are like. If you have access enabled to arrive by car or other means of transport.
  • Check other evaluations or opinions of dog owners who have already attended those campsites that you are considering.
  • If your idea is to stay in a specific dog-friendly establishment, booking in advance will always be the best option . In this way we will indicate the number of people that we are going to attend, if we prefer to stay in a tent next to the dog or singles, in a bungalow or in a larger room, etc.
  • Find out about the access and coexistence regulations , as well as the requirements or conditions that are demanded and that concern the pet, whether they are physical characteristics of the breedPPP license, if you can access with one or more dogs.

Camping equipment to go with your dog

As for any destination we want to go with our dog, camping with a dog requires having basic equipment so that neither you nor your dog lack anything to avoid having any problems during the camping day. Some of the elements that cannot be missing in your dog’s suitcase and that you should take with you are the following:

  • Updated vaccination record : the animal must be dewormed against possible tick bites or other insects that may be in the area. It is advisable to carry out a previous examination or review at the veterinarian so that the professional can indicate the current state of health of the animal. Similarly, make sure of the location of the closest veterinary centers in the area where you plan to go with your dog, to know where to go in the event of any unforeseen event. Insects, plants. your dog must be protected as it deserves.
  • First aid kit : with aid utensils and other items such as anti-inflammatory ointment, analgesics, antidiarrheal, material to clean your ears, gauze, hydrogen peroxide or antiparasitic solutions. A pack with medicines that the veterinarian must have endorsed in the visit prior to the trip or excursion to ensure that the animal does not suffer adverse reactions to them.
  • Rest of objects : the objective, in addition to having fun, is that we are in the most comfortable way possible. For this you can always accompany yourself with (in addition to the store) toys, bed, blanket, portable drinking trough, his favorite or usual food , a brush and gel in case we plan to bathe him, his leash, harness, collar and muzzle. The latter will only be essential if your dog’s breed is considered as PPP, for which you must also include its corresponding license in your suitcase. It is also not advisable to forget the sunscreen.

Tips for going camping with a dog

Although dogs are usually domestic animals that adapt more easily than others to different scenarios, it is obviously that in this case that we address our company is very important. This implies that we must maintain our attention to ensure that they feel as we expect and that they do not lack anything. You may need a short time (a few minutes) to adapt to that new environment in which you find yourself, and you can always reassure them if you see that they are not comfortable or choose to choose that plan another day if you find that it is not the time suitable.

  • Let your dog inspect and sniff where you are camping to familiarize himself with the area and the environment around it. You must indicate his place to eat, drink, play and rest in the tent if it is the case so that he is clear about the place that corresponds to him and differentiates it from yours. And the same procedure with respect to the place where you go to relieve yourself (for which you will need specific bags).
  • A shady place can be ideal to set up the tent (which you can either share, choose two singles) or place the caravan.
  • The best thing is that we accompany you at all times to maintain control over it and prevent it from having any type of accident or suffering a setback that has been avoidable. In this way we also avoid possible damage caused by accident or inconvenience to other owners who are staying at the same campsite as us.
  • Safety and hygiene measures : you can choose between a National Park or even in the middle of the forest if it is an enabled space. But safety is a priority and must be the maximum possible to avoid unnecessary scares. All the elements mentioned in the section on basic equipment for pets are essential, bearing in mind that your dog can escape at any time due to any fear that the environment produces, a sound or something that he has been able to see.
  • As we have already mentioned before, it does not hurt that you can find out about those establishments that are close to the area and that offer different types of activities in which you can participate with your dog: games, crossings, hiking, explorations, beach, boat tripspaddle surfing or water activities. until you see the sunrise in the middle of the campsite!
  • Control the hours of walking to avoid overexertion or excessive breaks that cause too much apathy or boredom. The objective of the plan is fun even if you are also looking for relaxation! And yes, we already know that more than one nap will fall, but both you and your dog should take advantage of the visit to these special places to complete activities that will not be possible another day.

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