Amazing Tips on How to Remove Dog Smell From Carpet

How to remove dog smell from carpet. We are aware that their arrival at our home will bring us a multitude of advantages and benefits, but we cannot fail to recognize that it implies a greater control of hygiene.

Therefore, it does not hurt that we have at hand a series of tips that solve questions related to how to keep the house clean or how to remove the smell of dogs from our apartment. Home remedies that solve for us what for many is a mystery, but that with due maintenance and the necessary regularity you can achieve without headaches.

In the same way that we already wanted to show you with the article of the ideal dogs to live in a flat, we do not even want to take away the illusion of having a dog , quite the opposite. Here you can have some tips so that hygienic conditions are not a problem for you when deciding to host your next furry best friend. And by the way, we end with the prevailing theory that having a dog means that your house will be dirtier and messier. Keep reading and you will see that it does not . Of course, we anticipate that it depends on you.

How to train my dog ​​to keep the house clean

And when we say that it is in your hand , we mean that it is the owner or owner of the animal who must take charge in the first place of educating the pet , in order to maintain the hygiene that we want and that we must preserve in our home.

Of how to teach and accustom our dog depends on his behavior when he goes from being a puppy to an adult. Frequently telling him not to get on chairs, tables or beds is a clear and simple rule. We must capture their attention and not let them acquire certain customs . For example, not offering them food from our plate if we do not want them to eat at our table, or allowing them to fulfill their needs in common areas, when the most suitable place for it is the street.

With proper training , the dog will assimilate some basic and necessary rules of coexistence with which it will respect our home and we will not only make sure that our floor does not get too dirty, but we will also ensure that the animal does not get used to habits that may affect to your health .

And all this, as in the case of canine animals, will be carried out through rewards, games or prizes, as well as reprimands through a more severe tone if they do not act properly. 

Cleaning a house with a dog: Order and regularity

If it is already convenient that we maintain a daily regularity in cleaning our home , if we live with a dog, what is advisable becomes practically an obligation . Leaving it “for later” or “for tomorrow” will only keep dirt and clutter piling up .

In fact, this habit will allow us to carry out a more thorough cleaning from time to time and in due time, without having to clean in depth every day to maintain a certain order, especially of your objects. The only way that dust doesn’t become our first insurmountable enemy is to sweep the floors and shake rugs and blankets on a regular basis. The same thing happens with the bed , a place of rest and repose for our pet, and the area of ​​the house where it spends more time .

In addition to the dust, our house will be invaded by a multitude of hairs that our dog will unintentionally release. It is likely that sweeping is not enough to have the floor of the house in perfect condition, so we will have to pull the vacuum cleaner , also for the sofa and carpets (if possible made of bamboo), in addition to the parquet .

You can also use the mop to catch all the hairs with the help of a special product. In the case of the sofa , it is best to cover it with blankets that can be washed and save our lives in the event of an unexpected stain .

Regarding the furniture, the abundance of dust and hair is similar to that on the floor. A damp cloth (never dry, because they will disperse) will be your faithful ally to catch them firmly.

All this will be of little use if we do not maintain order in the house . Each property of our furry friend must have its assigned place and must be cleaned frequently. The order will facilitate cleaning and will allow us to reduce the level of both stress and dirt , which will be much higher if disorder is imposed on our floor. It is the same with your bed, which must be shaken and washed at least once a week along with the sheets or cushions.

Enemies of cleaning that never give up, hairs often leave an   important trail wherever your dog moves or rests. That is why brushing seems necessary in short periods of time to remove those dead hairs and dirt that accumulates on their fur.

How to remove the smell of dogs from the house?

How to eliminate the smell of dogs from my house? The aroma that invades a house may not be perceived in the same way by the people who live in it as by those who come to visit. The truth is that the smell of dogs at home can be too noticeable if we do not carry out a proper cleaning method .

So then how do we get the dog smell out of my house? If we choose to resort to quick solutions, keep in mind that these may harm you more than help you . The ideal is to organize and develop a series of hygienic care to eliminate the smell of dogs.

Bathing your dog with those special products for dogs is a good option. Depending on the breed and the type of coat of the animal, the frequency of bathing may vary, so we advise you to consult this question with your trusted veterinarian. 

It is advisable to use a cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with the shampoo to be used, and once the bath is finished, the animal must dry inside. The bad breath can also be another problem that not only affects the smell. The dental health of your dog is very important and needs proper oral hygiene .

The next step to eliminate the smell of dog from my house, after properly washing the animal, is none other than cleaning each of its objects , whether they are toys, cushions, pillows, the mattress, blankets or one’s own bed where you rest. As much as we get your body to be clean, it will not do us much to avoid the smell if we do not have all your belongings clean.

In the same way that we must keep our pet’s belongings in the best condition , it is also just as important to do the same with ours and with those objects with an assigned place in our house. Keep in mind that our best canine friend spends most of the time inside it , so taking care of all those places where the pet lives will help us maintain proper hygiene .

How to scrub the floor so it doesn’t smell like a dog?

In the same way that apple cider vinegar can come in handy to wash the dog, it is also equally valid to clean the rest of the house and to remove the smell of dogs in other areas of the home , such as in the living room or in a room or bedroom. In addition to this product, you can also use baking soda for those rooms where your dog usually stays. However, avoid his bed and the places where he usually sleeps  so that he cannot ingest it and cause intestinal problems, or do so when he is going to rest for a while.

If the intensity of the smell is too strong and after using these products it is impossible to remove the smell, we can resort to an air freshener or air purifier , but never to products with ammonia, since its strong smell will only serve to mask the one that already predominates. , but not to remove it .

Being perhaps the most expensive remedy purifier , it is true that it can be very effective in eliminating the smell of dogs, both the bad smell and other bacteria that we may have at home. And it will be just as fundamental to keep the house ventilated at the same time if we do not want to constantly pull the air freshener, especially also for those pet owners with allergies .

How to remove dog smell from armchairs and sofas

If the bad smell has spread to the armchairs and sofas, we must first turn the covers over to protect the outside . Next, fill the bathtub with warm water and add salt to later submerge the covers of the chairs. Still proceeding in this way, it is advisable to finish the process by completing a washing of the covers in the washing machine for greater safety. In this way we can remove the smell of dog from armchairs and sofas more easily.

We hope you have found the tips to keep the house clean and eliminate the smell of dogs from my house, a goal that we all have and that when we want to incorporate a pet into our family, we may think that it can be complicated, but nothing beyond from reality if we organize ourselves and use the appropriate methods for it. Both you and your new furry friend will appreciate it.

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